Christians in Aleppo offer free meals to poor Muslim families

Christians in Aleppo are participating in Ramadan 2016 by offering food to the poorest Muslim families in Sulaymaniyah.

At the beginning of the Muslim prayer and fasting period Ramadan 2016, the Syrian Orthodox Archdiocese of Aleppo began offering daily breakfast and dinner to poor Muslims in the Sulaymaniyah area. The Cathedral of St. Ephrem the Syrian in the local archdiocese serves as the distribution center for the free meals, according to Agenzia Fides.

(Reuters/Abdalrhman Ismail)People salvage goods from an aid convoy that was damaged during an airstrike in the rebel-held area of al-Sakhour district of Aleppo, Syria, June 4, 2016.

In a statement, the media of the Archdiocese noted that offering meals to Muslim families during Ramadan is an act of showing solidarity between people belonging to different religions. The Christians in Aleppo hope to restore the peaceful coexistence of the ethnic and religious groups in Syria before the war hit the area.

Even in the war-torn situation, Christians and Muslims in Syria carry out similar interfaith solidarity initiatives. In one incident, the Christian church provided shelter for Muslim orphan children after their home was destroyed by the bombing.

Meanwhile, terrorists are still attacking Kurds, residential areas, and even government forces in Aleppo despite the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The Russian reconciliation center in Syria released a statement saying the terrorists launched multiple rockets and artillery at Aleppo.

"Despite the start of Ramadan, a holy month for all Muslims, on Monday, terrorist groups are attacking not only the positions of the government forces and Kurds in Aleppo but residential areas as well," the center stated, Sputnik News relays. "The number of civilian casualties is growing," the statement continued.

Russia and the United States previously brokered a ceasefire that took effect on Feb. 27. However, the ceasefire agreement does not cover Daesh, the al-Nusra Front, and other terror groups. Syria has been devastated by civil war since 2011, and forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad are still battling various extremist organizations and opposition factions.