Sadie Robertson Talks God Being Her Rock, Hate, Insecurities

((ABC))Sadie Robertson, 17, of "Duck Dynasty" talks about her viral video on "Good Morning America," April 6, 2015.

Sadie Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" said she has received hate for openly sharing about her Christian faith. So how has she coped with it?

"The thing is … God is my rock for me and I'm not saying you have to live that way … but for me, that's my comfort zone and that's what gets me through life. So I want to share my message because if it can help somebody, then it's worth it," the 17-year-old reality TV star told "Good Morning America" on Monday.

"And people can hate on me but that's not the way they have to live. [I'm] just saying this is what worked best for me in my life and this is how I'm going to live. That's just who I am. That's just what I believe."

Robertson, granddaughter of Phil Robertson — founder of Duck Commander — has been in the spotlight recently for her viral video "Just be you and live original."

She explained on GMA that she did not originally make the video to show to the public. While in her pajamas and sitting on her bed, she was "kind of preaching to myself a message I needed to hear," she said.

When her younger sister saw what Robertson had taped, she encouraged her to post it online, saying that the message is "really good."

Now, after two weeks, the video has over 2.6 million views.

The video has resonated with young girls and others because in it, she gets real with talk about body image and jealousy — and saying it all without any makeup.

"I want to tell you the reality of things. I struggle with jealousy, and I struggle with comparing myself to other people … and I'm really hard on myself," she says. "I'm just like any other girl, I look in the mirror and I pick out the flaw, which is embarrassing but it's true.

"I have a hard time when it comes to people not liking me …"

She adds, "Don't look at somebody and say that's what I wanna be because in reality if you're seeking self approval or human approval you're never going to reach your 'goal,' you can only reach it by God. So you can only be the best you you can be …
There's always going to be somebody out there who has what you don't have."

Citing Scripture, she states, "This is what the Bible says about jealousy — says it's cancer to the bones."

"You're never going to be content with who you are unless you allow God to come in," Robertson stresses. "I'm not saying that's what you have to believe but I'm saying that's the best option I've ever found."

Robertson reiterated on GMA that she just wants girls to know that everybody struggles with insecurities. And if they really want to aspire to be a certain way, they need to stop comparing themselves to others and "live original."