Samsung Galaxy X release date news: Two bendable phones may launch soon; U.S. patent points to foldable, touchscreen

(REUTERS/KIM HONG-JI)A photo taken in Samsung Electronics' headquarters in Seoul.

Enthusiasts could not stop fishing through different tech websites to find out more about the Samsung Galaxy X, the device which could reportedly be launched with foldable features.

The news about the South Korean giant tech company's plan to launch a bendable phone have not died down ever since it was presented at the SID 2016 held in San Francisco, California. Enthusiasts are now expecting that the Samsung Galaxy X may soon come out and may even boast of two foldable features this year.

However, what the company presented did not offer a touch screen feature. Despite this, fans are optimistic that Samsung will be able to integrate such feature in the upcoming device.

The rumor about the foldable handset surfaced when an apparent U.S. patent circulated online, indicating that Samsung has a foldable device with a fingerprint sensor. The device is said to be capable of being folded in half if it is on standby.

In an article by Tech Radar, the company reportedly have already started this project, with the foldable device under the name, Project Valley. This paved the way for rumors to go on overdrive, with some indicating that a 5.5-inch model and a 5-inch one may be released. The 5.5-inch variant is said to be designed like a woman's compact while the latter can be unfolded like a scroll to transform into an 8-inch device.

It was previously reported that Samsung may be unveiling their foldable device by next year and is believed to be called the Galaxy X. The upcoming model is reportedly a part of the five-flagship launch of the company, which they are planning to set next year. This will coincide with the release of the upcoming Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S8.

The Galaxy S8 is already slated for a 2017 release but the upcoming Note's launch is still being debated on. Rumors say that Samsung would skip the name "Note 6" and launch the device as "Note 7." However, the rumor still has to be confirmed.