'Star Wars Rebels' season 3 spoilers: Captain Rex back for some action

(Disney XD)Screenshot from "Star Wars Rebels" season 3 episode 6 "The Last Battle" promo

It looks like the next episode of the explosive "Star Wars" animated series on Disney XD, "Star Wars Rebels" is going to bring back the "Clone Wars" veteran clone trooper captain, Rex.

According to a report by the Ecumenical News, the internet has been rife with rumors that Captain Rex will be in the sixth episode of "Star Wars Rebels" season 3, "The Last Battle," in order to assist the rebels now that Thrawn is beginning to close in on the Ghost crew and the Rebel Alliance.

In the last episode of "Star Wars Rebels" season 3, the Ghost Crew go head to head against Thrawn as they go on a mission very personal to their main pilot, the Twi'lek rebel Hera.

In the episode "Hera's Heroes," Hera's childhood home Ryloth is taken over by the Empire, with Thrawn capturing the planet and converting it into an Imperial headquarters. The Imperials also steal Hera's important family heirloom called the "kalikori" and Hera sneaks into the base to get it. In the end, however, IGN reports that Hera lets go of her childhood home so that everyone can escape from Thrawn.

However, in the upcoming episode, it seems like the Ghost Crew will come face to face with Thrawn again, this time with the help of Captain Rex. In a clip posted on YouTube, viewers get to see the Ghost Crew boys wake around in a desolate planet searching for extra parts and weapons.

"It's the perfect place to find weapons, ammo, maybe even proton bombs," Rex explains in the clip.

For those unfamiliar with the "Clone Wars," Rex otherwise known as CT-7567 was a clone trooper Captain that was one of the best battalion leaders and marksmen during the Clone Wars where he fought along with Anakin Skywalker.

Though there aren't that many plot spoilers on "The Last Battle" many expect a lot of action to come in the new episode which is scheduled to air on Disney XD this Saturday, Oct. 22.