'Steven Universe: In Too Deep' news update: Rebecca Sugar promises fans more of Gem hierarchy, has big plans for season 5

Steven and his colorful band of guardians, the Crystal Gems, have finally returned after a lengthy television hiatus. In the premiere of Steven's special event, "Steven Universe: In Too Deep," fans of the quirky half-human got to see Steven take down the cluster with an emotionally open Peridot while the Gems tackled Malachite in two explosive back-to-back episodes. Now, as fans wait for the next episode of "Steven Universe: In Too Deep," talented series creator Rebecca Sugar and artist Lamar Abram talk about a bigger, broader universe for Steven and the gang.

(Cartoon Network)Steven and Peridot getting all worked up as the Cluster begins to awaken in a screenshot from the sneak peek of episode 1 of "Steven Universe: In Too Deep."

In a very recent interview with Newsrama, Sugar and Lamar talk about what they have in store for fans of "Steven Universe" in the pre-summer series special. Now that the Cluster's been bubbled and Peridot has finally acclimatized to the Gems and Earth, the two still feel as excited as ever for Steven and the Crystal Gems.

In the interview, Lamar admitted that he doesn't know whether he'd ever feel relieved since there's still so much to tell while Sugar added on saying that she just wants to keep building the characters and working on the ideas that they've seeded in season 1 and season 3. The writer-artist tandem also discussed the Gems' relationships and how they portray the problems between friends like Garnet and Pearl and the arrival of Peridot.

When asked whether fans would get to see "some of the cracks" in the Gems' relationships, Sugar gives a very mature response saying that like ordinary people, the Gems have to learn to be flexible and coexist with others who might have different characteristics.

Sugar also reveals that fans are going to learn a lot more about the Gems and homeworld in the series special. When asked about the Gem hierarchy, Sugar replied, "You'll be learning a bit about Gem society via our characters on Earth. For better or for worse!"

The two end the interview with a positive note, saying that they have big plans for season 5 of the series, regardless of whether the season would be the end of "Steven Universe" or not.