'Steven Universe' season 3 news: New kind of adventure awaits

(Cartoon Network Asia official website)Steven and his guardians, the Crystal Gems, in a screenshot from the Season 2 opening of "Steven Universe."

After the return of "Steven Universe" season 3, fans got to see the animated characters take on a new kind of adventure in the small screen.

Fans have been waiting for the return of "Steven Universe" season 3 as it is expected to present a new kind of experience. The premiere episode, which was titled "Mr. Greg" started the season off with a musical episode that showed Steven's father as a rich man living in Empire City.

With that, Steven and Pearl ended up taking on a life of luxury in the city, which proved to be an intriguing new direction for the animated series. Throughout the episode, viewers got to experience several catchy soundtrack tunes that were said to be original music and songs of the series.

Aside from that, the elements of Crystal Gems will be introduced later this season. It was said that the series will add the new Crystal Gem called Bismuth. The new character is expected to be voiced by "Orange is the New Black" actress Uzo Aduba. Bismuth is said to be someone who fought along with the Gems thousands of years ago. However, there will be a twist since Bismuth is said to have an unpredictable connection with Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet.

With that, there seems to be a lot in store for fans for the rest of the season. Some details about the upcoming episodes have already been revealed. It was said that the series will continue showing more of Steven's new life in Empire City.

Fans are expecting to see innovative animation, as the animated series is known to be experimental. While there has yet to be any specific details regarding what else will take place, many hope to see more new elements that will enhance the animated world.

"Steven Universe" season 3 airs on Cartoon Network every Monday.