'The Dark Tower' movie news, updates: When will the first footage air? Get the details here

(Facebook/TheDarkTower)Photo from "The Dark Tower" official Facebook page.

The first footage of the movie adaptation of Stephen King's novel, "The Dark Tower," will finally be released soon, after fans' long wait. However, it seems the first footage will only be available in an exclusive event.

The making of "The Dark Tower" movie seems to have taken an eternity following the franchise going through development hell. Fortunately for fans, the first installment of the Nikolaj Arcel-helmed movie trilogy has been slated for a February 2017 release. There have also been tangible photos on the movie's set of main actors Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba.

Now, it has just been announced that the first footage of "The Dark Tower" will be making its way in the following months. However, the footage will be showcased through Entertainment Weekly's exclusive event on the West Coast called EW PopFest. The event will be held from October 29 to 30, and apparently, the event is using the first exclusive footage of "The Dark Tower" to lure people to buy tickets.

It's unknown exactly which day the footage will be aired, but like any other festival or convention, it's safe to assume that the footage will come with a little discussion and some fanfare.

According to Cinema Blend (CB), it's hardly surprising that Sony has chosen the event to showcase its first footage of "The Dark Tower." More and more directors have been choosing big events like Comic-Con to promote their movies. Since "The Dark Tower" is a potential big money maker in the box office, Sony needs the hype, especially since the studio reportedly needs a hit movie now.

While having the first footage showcased in an exclusive event is unfortunate news for fans, it does provide a timeline for the first trailer that will be showcased publicly.

As CB notes, the best case scenario is that the first trailer for "The Dark Tower" will be dropped by Oct. 28.

"The Dark Tower" hits theaters on Feb. 17, 2017.