'The View' host tells Christian Democrats to focus on justice and mercy instead of abortion

Democrats should start reclaiming the moral party status from Republicans and not get caught up in the abortion issue but instead focus on more important Christian issues such as justice and mercy, according to "The View" host Sunny Hostin.

(REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst)Anti-abortion demonstrators bow their heads in prayer in front of the U.S. Supreme Court during the annual March for Life in Washington, January 22, 2014.

In an episode of ABC's "The View" on Aug. 1, Hostin said abortion should not be the top moral issues for Christian Democrats. The host, who claimed to be a pro-life Democrat, said true followers of Jesus and the Bible should be more concerned about climate change activism, welcoming refugees, and caring for the poor, Life News relayed.

Tuesday's discussion on abortion was sparked by Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman Ben Ray Lujan's statement that the issue should no longer be the "litmus test" for the party's candidates. He said Democrats will have to pick candidates suited for their respective districts and their choices should not be based on one's stance on abortion.

In the middle of the discussion, Whoopi Goldberg asked Hostin several times what issues should non-Christian Democrats focus on. The entertainer and host said those who believe that abortion is wrong do not have to undergo the procedure, but the law dictates that nobody should stand in their way if ever they need to have one.

"And that is true. But my point is, everybody sort of gets caught up, especially Evangelicals and Catholics as well and people of — Christians get caught up on the abortion issue, but if you really are a faithful person, if you really are a follower of the Bible and a follower of Jesus, again, the most important issues are justice and mercy," Hostin answered. "The most important issues are caring for the poor, welcoming strangers, caring for our Earth."

Earlier this year, Goldberg said she is both pro-life and pro-choice on the issue of abortion. She made her claim during a discussion on "The View" about the upcoming March for Life in Washington, The Smoke Room reported.

Hostin, on the other hand, insisted that the terms pro-life and pro-choice are not mutually exclusive. She also maintained that her Christian faith dictates that life begins at conception and that abortion is a sin.