Theresa May says Christian faith sustained her after learning of inability to have children

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May has revealed that her Christian faith helped her through the sad times that followed after she learned that she could not be a mother.

(REUTERS / Carl Court / Pool)Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May chats with youth activists during a visit to the Young Minds mental health charity in London, May 11, 2017.

During an interview on LBC Radio, Nick Ferrari asked May about the effect of not being a mother. The British prime minister said the realization was a sad one for her and her husband Phillip but also noted that they are not the only couple that goes through the same situation, The Telegraph relays.

In addition, May said they have nephews and nieces. She said they simply moved on with their lives after learning that they could never have biological children.

When asked if she could have successfully pulled off having a political career if she had children, May praised her colleagues who are able to do so.

Ferrari also asked her if the loss of her parents when she was 25 and the realization of her inability to become a mother could have made her leave her Christian faith.

"No, because, it's difficult to explain in simple words but actually the faith was there and did provide support for me through those difficult times," May answered. "But it was also about the lesson I had learned from my parents again which is what ever circumstances you are in as I said you get on and do your best."

Moreover, May said people face a lot of "horrendous changes" and that some go through things that are worse than what she had experienced.

This is not the first time that May has spoken about her Christian faith in public. Last month, she revealed that she prays regularly to have spiritual connection and to be uplifted, The Sun reports.

The prime minister recalled that she used to pray with her parents at church when she was still a child. She also said she still prays "in a variety of ways" and that her Christian faith is very important for her.