Tony Romo tells pastor he still wants to clinch Super Bowl amid news of Dallas Cowboys cut

Christian athlete Tony Romo, who is about to leave the Dallas Cowboys, still wants to win a Super Bowl even if he plays for a different team, a pastor and longtime friend revealed recently.

(Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports via REUTERS)Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws in the first half of their game against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field.

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship pastor Dr. Tony Evans, who is also the former chaplain of the Dallas Cowboys, revealed that the outgoing quarterback is somewhat ready to move on but his passion for the Super Bowl is very much still present. The pastor, who spoke with the well-known Christian football player on Tuesday night, also said people are still going to see Romo a lot, NBCDFW relays.

When the two longtime friends talked earlier this week, Pastor Evans said Romo was in a great mood and that the latter declared that "God is in control" of the situation.

In addition, Pastor Evans said the outgoing Cowboys quarterback is somewhat ready to move on because he loves the team. And it is because of this that he says Romo will still be very visible in the future.

Like other Cowboys fans, Dr. Evans feels bad that Romo is leaving the team and might be signing with a new team soon. Still, he wants his friend to freely pursue the goals through his abilities as long as he has the passion for it.

"Let's put it this way: His last words to me were, 'The passion is still there.' He wants to know where he best fits," Pastor Evans shared. "And wherever he best fits is where he wants to go because he wants to win. If he plays, he wants to win a Super Bowl. But he wants to be healthy for his family."

Meanwhile, NBC Sports reports that Romo's fate in the NFL is still in limbo despite his farewell message amid news that he is being released by the Cowboys. The publication says the Christian athlete simply will not be included in the team's 2017 lineup.

Romo had posted an Instagram video thanking his fans for their support and telling them that he has a lot of things to consider in the near future. As for now, there is still no official word on which team would give Dallas anything in exchange for Romo.