Underground Christian ministry in Mideast exposes horrific atrocities of Islamic rule

An underground Christian ministry known for distributing Bibles to Christians in the Middle East has detailed some of the most horrific atrocities that persecuted believers endured under Islamic rule.

(REUTERS / Saad Shalash)Iraqi Christians attend a mass on Christmas at St. Joseph Chaldean church in Baghdad December 25, 2011.

Pastor Paul Ciniraj of underground ministry Bibles For Mideast is one of those who have experienced first-hand what it is like for a Christian living under the rule of Islam. His ministry has released a recent report about a missionary's daughter who was attacked and mutilated by Islamists after she embraced Christianity, World Net Daily relays.

Speaking to WND, Pastor Ciniraj said 14-year-old Lydia, the daughter of Bibles For Mideast missionary Yoonus, was just walking home from school when "fanatic Muslim men and woman" pounced on her. They reportedly brought her to a nearby house and subjected her to "brutal female genital mutilation."

The attack, which happened in an undisclosed country in north Africa, left Lydia in a coma for six days. However, doctors were shocked when she suddenly got up and went home after two physicians declared her dead.

"My soul left my body and I was dead. Angels came to receive me to heaven. But Jesus appeared before me and said, 'I cannot turn back from the prayers of my children. My eyes are upon my children and ears are open to their prayer. So I give you your life back, for the issues of death belong to me. You go, and be my witness,'" Bibles For Mideast quotes Lydia as saying.

Christians in the Middle East are not the only ones who experience increasing persecution. Based on the latest annual World Watch List of advocacy group Open Doors USA, Christian persecution has increased and spread to more locations all over the world, Fox News reports.

Open Doors USA has expressed alarm at the worsening persecution in various parts of the world. In a statement, the group's president and CEO David Curry said persecution is now seen in almost all the continents.

Moreover, Curry told Open Doors that the number of persecuted Christians may actually be higher than the recorded 215 million believers worldwide. He said there are likely thousands of other incidents that are not reported because Christians are afraid of the people around them and even their own families.

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