Vandals trash KCK church while congregation was away

The congregation of the Bethel Seventh Day Adventist Church in Kansas City, Kansas, encountered a truly unpleasant surprise when they found that the house of worship has been trashed by vandals.

(REUTERS / Carlos Barria)A holy Bible Book is seen at the Spencerville Seventh Day Adventist Church in Silver Spring, Maryland November 4, 2015.

On June 10, the members of the church did not worship at the 6910 Riverview St. location because they had attended an annual gathering with other congregations in a separate place. The following day, they discovered that the pews were overturned, the hymnals scattered all over the place, and one keyboard destroyed,  The Kansas City Star details.

Pastor Bryan Mann said he went to the church on Saturday afternoon to pick up his ministerial robe, but he did not find anything amiss at that time. He said the damage amounted to at least $75,000.

"It was much worse than I had imagined," said Pastor Mann. "When I was there everything was fine. There were no issues."

On June 11, a cleanup and restoration team was sent to the church to work on the broken toilets and the leaking water on the floor. Police were also called to the house of worship. The place is reportedly insured, but it was not confirmed when the congregation would once again be able to gather at the same place.

Although the church had an alarm system, it did not go off because the vandals did not pass through the door. It was discovered that the assailants broke a glass door panel so that they could enter the church.

Meanwhile, a release from the Mobile County Sheriff's Office revealed that an 18-year-old named Troy Hall was arrested over a vandalism incident that happened at the Wilmer United Methodist Church on May 28. The young man was jailed after he admitted his role in the vandalism, which caused $25,000 worth of damages to the house of worship, WKRG reports.

According to the pastor of the Methodist church, the vandals gained entry through the basement doors. He also told authorities that they took $150 from the offering envelope, destroyed some of their things, and sprayed vulgar messages on the church walls.