'Wentworth' season 5 air date, spoilers rumors 2016: Rumors of series cancellation hangs on the air; exciting plot developments coming up?

There's nothing yet definitive when it comes to the status of the season 5 of the hit jailbird drama TV series "Wentworth" which, according to latest rumors, is now on the verge of getting cancelled.

(Facebook/wentworthtv)"Wentworth" season 4 promo photo

There have been so many reasons being pointed out as to what might push SoHo channel to axe off the show. In one account, it is said that production for the purported new season has been held off and one of the reasons attached to such theories is the apparent absence of a major cast member.

Kate Jenkinson, who plays the role of Allie Novak in the show, was reportedly not present on set and this prompted the entire cast and crew to call off the proceeding.

Jenkinson, however, took the chance to set the matters straight. In an interview with Curve Mag, it was revealed that the actress was reportedly on a vacation in Cancun together with celebrity fitness trainer, Torri Shack.

She further clarified the issue with After Ellen wherein she confirmed that season 5 is really well under way on its production.

"It's all kicking into gear. We've been giving this strange MO that we're not allowed to talk about Season 5, but I feel like people know it's happening, so I will say that," the Australian actress said.

And while filming is yet to kick off, there are other reports saying that fans might have to wait a little much longer because of some financial constraints. The reason being pointed out is the tragic death of Danielle Cormack's Bea Smith, who met her demise toward the end of season 4.

It is said that sponsors of the show are pulling out their stakes in reaction to this shocking plot development. This in effect, drained the financing of the show and the TV network has yet to convince their partners to return their investment in the project.

SoHo has yet to announce the premiere date of "Wentworth" season 5 but it is believed to begin airing May 2017.