'Wentworth' season 5 spoilers, plot news: Allie to avenge Bea's death, but might die in the process?

(Facebook/wentworthtv)"Wentworth" season 4 promo photo.

Australia's popular prison drama "Wentworth" is said to reveal more deaths in its fifth season, and Allie (Kate Jenkinson) is confirmed to be the next one.

This was revealed by none other than the actress Jenkinson herself. It can be recalled that Allie almost died during the last season of the show due to drug intoxication, but she was eventually saved. Her lover Bea (Danielle Cormack), however, died after a violent confrontation with Joan (Pamela Rabe) in her attempt to avenge Allie's attempted murder.

Bea's death was a huge shock among fans, especially that she's the major character of the show. The producers already explained that this was a much-needed sacrifice to stir the show into the right direction.

Jenkinson acknowledged this, saying that no one is really safe, and there will be more deaths in season 5, including her character, as previously stated.

"I feel like it's quite fitting because the world is not safe. The Wentworth world is not safe. No one is safe, even if you're Top Dog. Even if you're the central character. So I think it's a really brave choice for the producers to have made," she further explained in an interview with After Ellen.

Some fans are dismayed about Bea's death, but Jenkinson encourages fans to give season 5 a shot to see how the prison does without Bea. First and foremost, her death will stir an act of revenge from her friends, most especially from Allie, as her lover. Kaz (Tammy Hamilton) is also speculated to stand up to avenge Bea's death.

With Bea gone, many are asking as to who might replace her as the top jailbird, or top dog. Many speculate that it will of course be Joan since she was the one who killed Bea anyway.

Knowing this, will Allie's death yet be another result of a violent confrontation with Joan? Are the lovers going to die in the same hands?

"We'll see what the outcome of that is. But personally, I like watching television that takes risks, and I feel like that's what we've done here," Jenkinson said.