Windows 10 upgrade, release news: Leak hints at March 2017 update; Microsoft to end support for 1507 version?

(Reuters/Shannon Stapleton)A computer screen shows features of the Windows 10 operating system at the Microsoft store at Roosevelt Field in Garden City, New York, July 29, 2015.

The beauty of Windows 10 has got a lot of fans expecting to see more. However, tech detectives see that the next Windows 10 upgrade may be rolled out in March 2017.

There are certain clues allegedly discovered by digital devotees, which pertains to the next schedule of Windows 10 upgrade. A Twitter user only known as WalkingCat shared a timetable, which was originally posted by another Twitter user identified as Tero Alhonen.

"Try to find the 'Legacy Dictionary Attack Parameters' group policy in 14946, see what version of Windows it is supported on," Walking Cat posted.

According to the timetable, Microsoft has set Windows 10 version with a "year+month" tag. Tech detectives believe that the 1703 labeled in the document means March 2017, considering the 1507 used in the previous versions pertained to July 2015 — the exact date of the version's debut.

However, in the recent 1607 number, the version was released on Aug. 2 and not in July.

According to CIO, Microsoft is known to release new updates three times a year, or every four months to be specific. The pattern comes with security updates for the commercial market, but only until the second version comes out.

The company may have maneuvered away from its annual tempo and instead, has released support for each upgrade, which it calls "feature update." This will apparently be done for 18 months at least, thus 1507 will still be supported until January of next year.

Apparently, this can be confirmed by the users themselves. Last week, the company has just issued security updates for the 1507 version.

The publication noted that it is unlikely for the company to dismiss its support for 1507 in January. Reasonably, Microsoft may just be waiting for the 1703 or decide to extend the deadline for another two months.

More details of the Windows 10 updates can be found on the company's official website.