'Winged creature' sighting in Arizona photo sparks angel-or-demon debate online

The sighting of a mysterious winged creature in a photo uploaded on Facebook by a resident of Phoenix, Arizona has sparked an online debate on the true nature of the figure, with some speculating that it is either an angel or a demon.

(REUTERS / Joshua Lott)A dust storm surrounds high rise buildings in Phoenix, Arizona August 18, 2011.

On Jan. 1, Richard Christianson uploaded a photo on Facebook and asked people what they thought about the figure in the image. The picture seemed to show a mysterious winged creature obscured by a dusty red haze, The Christian Post details.

"What the h*** do you see in this picture for reals ??? Anybody," said Christianson in the caption.

The photo, which was originally set to public, has since been viewed almost 100,000 times. However, Christianson took it down from his timeline after the post went viral, The Daily Mail reports.

Some of the netizens were divided on whether the winged creature in Christianson's photo was an angel or a demon. One suggested that it could be an angel, since angels allegedly have the ability to take on any form. There are also some who dismissed it as a photoshopped picture, while others said it was just a palm tree.

One online user who thinks the winged creature is a demon said the Bible reveals that angels cannot manifest themselves physically but demons can. Another netizen speculated that the End Times are coming and brought up the possibility that the figure in the photo is a "demon wreaking evil deeds" in the world.

Yet another social media user claimed that the photo was taken at night along an abandoned street in Tucson. He added that Christianson said the creature "went up and disappeared."

Despite the heated debate on the true nature of the winged creature in the photo and the theories about the End Times, one person flat-out said it was just a palm tree. The social media user also accused Christianson of trying to make the photo famous.

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