African-Americans more likely to publicly say they are Christians - Pew study

A new study has found out that African Americans are more publicly open to saying that they are Christians compared to Caucasians and other races. The study also learned that African Americans identify as Protestants more than any other group.

Pew Research conducted its latest Religious Landscape Study, where 79 percent of African Americans said they are Christians. From this number, 53 percent of African American Christians acknowledged that they follow Protestant traditions, with a larger number belonging to the Church of God in Christ or the African Methodist Episcopal Church. The rest are Baptists, Methodists or Pentecostals.

(REUTERS/Randall Hill)A capacity crowd fills the pews during a prayer service held at the Morris Brown AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, June 18, 2015.

In comparison, 77 percent of Latinos publicly profess their Christian faith and 70 percent of Caucasians in America said that they are Christians as well. Just 34 percent of Asian Americans, however, claimed the same.

At least two percent of African Americans said that they are Muslims, with more men publicly stating this fact than women (4 percent versus 1 percent). Meanwhile, five percent of African Americans said that they are Catholic, while this number is higher among Hispanics (48 percent), Caucasians (19 percent) and Asian Americans (17 percent).

The study also revealed that the number of African Americans who identify as either atheist or agnostic rose to six percent from 2007 (12 percent) to 2014 (18 percent). More African American men than women also claim to have no religious affiliation (22 percent versus 14 percent).

Per Research surveyed 4,700 adults in America, where 80 percent said that they believe in God or a higher spiritual power. Only 56 percent of those who believe in a spiritual force, however, said that they believe in God as described in the Bible.

Half of the respondents said that God has determined what happens to their life beforehand. At least 77 percent said that God has protected them, while 40 percent said that God has punished them. The survey also showed that some 74 percent of the respondents talk to God but only 28 percent believe that God answers them.