'Amazon's Top Gear' spoilers news update: New show titled 'The Grand Tour;' first stop is in South Africa

The upcoming motor show "Amazon's Top Gear" titled "The Grand Tour" is currently in production and will premiere in autumn on Amazon Prime. First on the list, the team has just landed on the biggest city in South Africa.

The show will live up to its title as it will have an extravagant trip around the world. The new show will shoot in various locations.

British television presenter Jeremy Clarkson returns to his home in west London March 26, 2015. | REUTERS/TOBY MELVILLE

One of the hosts made an announcement on his Twitter account about the first "The Grand Tour" stop, Jeremy Clarkson tweeted that they will disclose the first location and said, "Surprisingly, it's not Texas, or Heckmondwike."

When fans saw his post, some tried to guess the venue, but Clarkson posted another tweet saying nobody guessed it correctly.

Furthermore, on May 27, Clarkson posted a teaser which gave additional details about their first location shooting. Clarkson confirmed the place does not have internet signal as it is in a desert.

He then teased, "I'd love to name the first location for the Grand Tour. But by the time we are ready to tell everyone, we will be in a desert. No wifi."

The following week, Clarkson revealed the exact location. The actor tweeted, "So there we are. First stop on our Grand Tour is Johannesburg. Mid July. Details on how to get tickets follow shortly."

In the same tweet, a follower asked if "The Grand Tour" will find its way to anywhere in Europe. Clarkson responded, "Yes. Definitely. Several places."

"The Grand Tour" will have the original team of hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

Meanwhile, the original show "Top Gear" on BBC will now be hosted by Matt LeBlanc with Chris Evans, the radio presenter. In an interview with Vulture, LeBlanc said, "It'll be different, but it'll still have that same feel, it'll still have elements of the old show present. But if you only want to watch 'Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson,' then it's probably not for you." The actor also added, "I'm not him, he's not me."

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