Anglican Church of Canada backtracks after voting against gay unions

The Anglican Church of Canada has reversed its course just a day after it voted against authorizing gay unions, leading to an approval of the measure.

On Monday night, more than 200 delegates attended the Anglican Church of Canada's General Synod 2016, in which the resolution to approve same-sex unions was rejected. The vote came after more than 60 speakers addressed the participants, with most of them supporting the resolution, the Associated Press relays.

(Reuters/Mark Blinch)People watch from windows during the WorldPride parade in Toronto, June 29, 2014.

There were also other speakers who urged the guests to vote against the resolution. One of them said allowing same-sex unions would spark "ghettos of resentment," and others also equated it to condoning disobedience of God's commands.

At the request of the General Synod 2016 delegates, the electronic voting was conducted in secret to ensure privacy. The result of the Monday vote sparked negative reactions from some of the members, with Rev. Jeremy Smith calling for prayers for those who were hurt by failure to pass the resolution.

"It is breaking my heart that there are people who see gay marriage as a separation from God and from love," said transgender Eliot Waddingham, who went to the conference as an observer.

"Woah. One vote," said Rev. Smith in a Twitter post. "Prayers for all those wounded by the anti-LGBTQ vote."

However, the tides turned when some members spoke up on Tuesday to reveal that their ballots have not been recorded, prompting a recount, the CBS News details.

In the first vote, 155 members were in favor of the resolution and 68 were against it, but three members abstained from the vote. The result lacked just one vote needed to pass the measure in the Anglican Church of Canada, since two-thirds support from the lay, clergy, and bishops are required.

After the recount, Anglican Church of Canada's Archbishop Fred Hiltz declared the resolution to authorize same-sex marriage. It is worth noting that the Canadian government legalized same-sex marriage in 2005.