Being born again is the only way to be a Christian, says Pastor Greg Laurie

Being born again is the only way to become a Christian because a personal relationship with Jesus Christ does not automatically come by birth or even ceremonial traditions, according to Harvest Fellowship pastor Greg Laurie.

Worshippers attend a church service at the City Harvest Church in Singapore March 1, 2014. | REUTERS / Edgar Su

In a new sermon series titled "Life," Pastor Laurie emphasized learning and becoming like Jesus as the ultimate goal of every Christian. Quoting John 1:12-13, the California megachurch pastor said those who receive and believe in Jesus Christ are given the right to be God's children, The Christian Post relays.

In addition, Pastor Laurie said one does not become a Christian by being born in a Christian family or by human decision or desire. He further explained this by saying a person does not automatically become a surfer by merely buying a surf board, but only by surfing will he become one.

"The only way to being a Christian is to be born again," said Pastor Laurie, who added that "you have to humbly come before God, admit your sinfulness and turn from those sins and embrace Christ as your Savior and Lord."

In another article, The Christian Post clarified that becoming a born-again Christian does not necessarily entail being part of a certain denomination or religion. The term actually refers to a life surrendered to Jesus Christ.

In addition, the Post explains that no man can replicate the experience of being born-again because it can only be achieved through the Holy Spirit's power. Jesus said in John 3:5-6 that no one can enter the kingdom of God without being "born of water and the Spirit."

A man "born of water" is a person who has submitted to water baptism. However, it is not the water that causes a man to be born again, rather the reason why that person has chosen to undergo the ceremony.

Those who want to be born again should repent from and renounce their sins, and baptism is the next step which shows one's commitment to walk in the path of Jesus Christ. Baptism, which involves immersion into the water, symbolizes the death of a person's sinful self and the resurrection to a new life in Christ.

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