'Better Call Saul' season 3 spoilers news: Patrick Fabian assures they will work on the season ASAP

A screenshot from "Better Call Saul" featuring Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian). | AMC/Better Call Saul

Season 2 of the slow-cooking spinoff series "Better Call Saul" ended with a startling cliffhanger and now fans are holding out, waiting patiently for the series to return with season 3. Previous reports have predicted that the spinoff of AMC's smash hit meth-making series "Breaking Bad" would make its return around January of next year based on the premiere dates of the last two season. Now, Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian) promises fans himself that they'll get the season out and ready as soon as they can.

Earlier in May, popular comedian Andy Richter had aired out his longing for "Better Call Saul." Like many other fans, Richter had probably felt lost right after Chuck Mcgill (Michael McKean) had begun an insidious scheme to debar Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) after his brother had lost him a client by tampering with confidential case files.

So, Richter went out and tweeted out "I miss Better Call Saul." A lot of Richter's fans and "Better Call Saul" fans agreed with the comedian, commenting on his tweet.

But one of the replies stood out the most. Fabian, the actor behind Howard from "Better Call Saul" decided to retweet Richter's message, saying, "We'll get Season 3 done for you ASAP."

Though predictions and theories point out that the highly anticipated season would make its way to AMC television next year, hearing promises coming from the mouth of Fabian himself gives fans a lot to look forward to.

Meanwhile, as fans wait for Jimmy to slowly transmogrify into Saul Goodman, the cunning and slimy lawyer from the "Breaking Bad" universe, fans can send and enjoy fan arts of "Better Call Saul." AMC has been going around asking for fans to submit their artistic renditions of the series to the official Tumblr account of "Better Call Saul."

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