Bible translation completed in 81 percent of global population's native languages

At least 81 percent of the world's population can read a Bible translated in their native language, a new report revealed. The challenge now is to translate the Bible into 3,773 more local languages, and interest in Bible translation per se definitely reached an all-time high in 2017.

(Wikimedia/David Ball)The Bible has been translated in over 7,000 native languages but there's still more translation requests.

Wycliffe Associates aims to have a Bible in every language by 2025. So far, the organization has translated the Bible into 81 percent of the languages, which comprises 7,097 dialects around the world. Of these translations, 6,754 are full Bibles, 1,515 are New Testament Bibles and 1,135 contain the Scriptures.

Bruce Smith and the translators at Wycliffe Associates use different methods and resources in their translations. In the last three years, the group completed an astounding 193 New Testament translations, which has never happened before.

"This is at a pace – and at a scope around the world – that is really unprecedented in the history of the world," Smith said, according to OneNewsNow.. "And when they find out that the tools and resources for them to steward God's Word for their own people are now in place, that's what creates that readiness ... and that desire to have Scripture sooner - instead of later ."

Basically, large numbers of people with specific spoken languages have access to a Bible in their native one today, especially with the completion of the Turkmen and Elomwe Bible translations in 2017. There are some seven million Turkmen speakers and 1.6 million Elomwe speakers around the world.

There are, however, still more than 3,000 translations to go, which include languages in small and special groups, including 26 different sign languages. Among the hardest to translate are Mongolian, Auslan (Australia), the indigenous language of Pitjantjatjara (Australia), and a few ethic minority languages in Indochina and Vietnam.

Smith said that they aim to complete 600 translations this year because of the rising demand from communities that want their own versions. Wycliffe Associates is a nonprofit Christian entity.