'Bones' season 11 finale spoilers, plot news: Main character to be killed off? Showrunner reveals reason behind latest episode's wild twist

A scene from an episode of "Bones" season 11. | Facebook/Bones

The return of The Puppeteer could mean the death of one character, but it isn't likely to be Dr. Jack Hodgins (T.J. Thyne). Fans can expect more challenges ahead for the paralyzed entomologist in season 12.

"Bones season 11 is only a couple of days away from its finale, and with a shorter season 12 set for next year, it begs the question whether the show will pull off a big shocker in the finale. One speculation is that one of the show's main characters will be killed off.

As noted by Cinema Blend, this is what fans were led to believe since the creepy serial killer introduced early on in the season — The Puppeteer — will return for the finale. As it turns out, he is not happy with one of the members of Team Bones.

The Puppeteer, who was introduced a few weeks ago in an episode directly inspired by "The X-Files" episode titled "Home," is a killer who is scrupulous when it comes to how he kills his victims. While it wouldn't take long much before the revelation of The Puppeteer's true identity, the stakes are higher in the upcoming episode.

In an interview with TV Guide, executive producer Jonathan Collier revealed that fans will learn the real identity of the killer in the finale.

"[The reveal] dovetails with our team, with our story and with our past," Collier said.

That means the revelation will be tied to almost everything in the show — past to present. It's possible that if The Puppeteer is tied to Team Bones' pasts, it could clue audiences in as to which character he'll be targeting next, if the killer is indeed targeting only one person.

That said, it's highly unlikely that it's Hodgins who will be killed by The Puppeteer. In the latest episode of "Bones," the forensic entomologist was ignorant of why things have been falling around him, which is apparently caused by his leg's muscle spasms.

In an interview with TV Insider, "Bones" co-showrunner Michael Peterson, Hodgins' paralysis means his paralysis won't be permanent.

"At the end of the day, his journey is far from over, I think that really is the key to it. There is some movement: what does this mean for him? ... The story is not necessarily going where you'd think it might," Peterson said.

Clearly, Hodgins will still face challenges ahead of him in the season 12 premiere, but this also means that he is likely not the one whom The Puppeteer will prey on next.

Whether a main character will be killed off or not, it would certainly add to the season finale's dramatic impact. It would also make for a more interesting future for the show.

Watch the "Bones" finale teaser below.

The "Bones" season 11 finale will air on Fox on Thursday, July 21.

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