Charity is the center of the Church's mission, says Pope Francis

Charity is at the center of the Catholic Church's mission, and Christians are urged to share it with those who need it, Pope Francis said during the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul on Sept. 27.

(REUTERS / Andrew Medichini / Pool)Pope Francis talks to journalists during a press conference aboard a plane flight to Rome at the end of his visit to Colombia, September 11, 2017.

During the 400th anniversary of the beginning of a group of organizations called the Vincentian Family, Pope Francis sent a message highlighting St. Vincent's desire to bring the Gospel of Jesus to the poor through his charity and missionary works. He said Christians are likewise called to reach out to the marginalized and bring God's love to them, the Catholic News Agency relayed.

"All of us, in truth, are called to water ourselves upon the rock that is the Lord and to quench the world's thirst with the charity that springs from Him," Pope Francis said on Wednesday. "Charity is at the heart of the Church, it is the reason for its action, the soul of its mission."

In addition, Pope Francis challenged Christians to "find the Lord Jesus" in every hungry, thirsty, sick, and needy individual. The pontiff even included the "obstinate in sin" and others who have a host of negative attributes.

Quoting St. Vincent, Pope Francis said love can work even until infinity. He said Christians should practice charity towards all because it will fuel their mission in the world and improve their relationship with co-believers.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis started a global campaign on migration called "Share the Journey" also on Sept. 27. The initiative is a two-year campaign by Caritas Internationalis to help build up the relationships between migrants, refugees, and their communities, the Vatican Radio reported.

Caritas Internationalis president Cardinal Luis Tagle told the Vatican Radio that "Share the Journey" aims to let the public realize that there are real people behind the published statistics of refugees and migrants. He added that the main goal of this campaign is to return to the Word of God, which highlights the Lord's soft spot for the most vulnerable people, which includes migrants and foreigners.

Moreover, Cardinal Tagle said they want to change the perception of young people about migrants and to help fight prejudice. He said people must encounter these vulnerable communities instead of building walls to keep them out.