Christian church's life lies in 'contamination of light,' says Pope Francis

The life of the Christian church lies in the spread of the light of Jesus Christ to a world covered in darkness, Pope Francis reminded the faithful gathered for his general audience on Aug. 2.

(REUTERS / Angelo Carconi/Pool)Pope Francis is seen before a private audience with Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner at the Vatican June 7, 2015.

As temperatures on Wednesday threatened to reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit, Pope Francis' general audience was moved from St. Peter's Square to the Paul VI hall inside the Vatican. Alluding to the heat of the sun, the pontiff told the 7,000 people gathered there that the light coming from that heavenly body is what Christians should strive for, Crux relayed.

Pope Francis said being a Christian means to set one's eyes on the light and continue professing one's faith in it amidst the darkness surrounding the world. He said believers are not exempt from darkness but they are "oriented" because they are redeemed through baptism.

Therefore, Christians do not give in to darkness but put their hope in the coming dawn. Believers are not defeated by evil because they continue to believe in Christ's resurrection and in the existence of goodness.

The pope also reminded the faithful that congregants attending the Easter Vigil Mass light up their candles from the Easter candle. As the individual candles are lit one by one, the darkness in the church is slowly dispelled.

"In that symbol there is the slow spreading of the Resurrection of Jesus in the life of all Christians," the pontiff said. "The life of the Church is a contamination of light."

Last month, Pope Francis explained to the congregation that good and evil are often connected and that all sinners face temptation. However, he said God grants wisdom to Christians so that they can discern the right path which they should follow, the Catholic News Agency reported.

When it comes to deciding between good and evil, Pope Francis said a Christian should trust God and should avoid evil. He also said the process of choosing the path to take involves both decision and patience, plus focus on God's timing rather than using one's limited vision.