Christian family ordered to remove Christmas wreath from door over safety concerns

A housing association in England has ordered a Christian family to take down a Christmas wreath hanging from their front door due to healthy and safety concerns, saying such a decoration was not allowed.

(REUTERS / Gary Cameron)A Christmas wreath is shown at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at dawn in Washington, November 8, 2012.

Keiran Hinchliffe, a resident of The Heart in Walton, was shocked when he received a letter from A2Dominion telling him to remove the Christmas wreath on his front door. The housing association gave the family until Dec. 14 to comply with the order, Get Surrey detailed.

"Following an inspection conducted earlier this week it came to my attention that you have some Christmas decoration [sic] situated on the external side of your front door," A2Dominion said in the letter to Hinchliffe. "These are not permitted and therefore I would kindly ask that this is removed by no later than Thursday 14 December."

For Hinchliffe, the Christmas wreath makes their flat feel more like a home and also welcomes their guests. He added that they are Christians and that it was the first time they would be spending Christmas as a new family.

Commenting on the issue, Elmbridge councilor Chris Sadler said A2Dominion appeared to have the wrong priorities. Residential services director Steve Michaux explained to Get Surrey that the request was merely part of fire safety precautions but acknowledged that they were "overcautious" in this particular situation.

In the end, Michaux issued an apology to Hinchliffe for the inconvenience that their request caused. He also clarified that their residents were allowed to display wreaths for a limited time.

While A2Dominion wants to put limits on Christmas decors, the Buckingham Palace has gone all-out with this year's display. The Royal Family has not held back with its Christmas trees, colors, lights, and even tiny crown ornaments, Elite Daily reported.

Clarence House, where Prince Charles and Camilla reside, has also joined in on the fun. Mini Christmas trees adorning Christmas trees and gold ribbon garland can be seen everywhere. Truly, the British Royals are ready for their long celebration of the Christmas holidays.