Christian files discrimination suit against Scout Association over canceled membership

A Christian man from Bristol has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the Scout Association over the cancellation of his membership after he expressed fears that the organization was drifting away from its Christian values.

(WIKIMEDIA COMMONS / March 2008)The 1st/4th Gibraltar Scout Group, an Overseas Branch of The Scout Association. March 2008.

On March 18, 2017, Brian Walker wrote a letter to the Scout Association's official magazine relaying his concerns. He soon received a reply from the local District Commander telling him that his membership with the group had been canceled. The 62-year-old Christian claimed that the organization had discriminated against him by unfairly taking away his membership over his complaints of the group's increased promotion of Islam and political correctness, Premier detailed.

"I am raising this case as I believe the fundamental values of Scouting are being undermined," said Walker. "Parents need to be made aware of what is happening at the centre of Scouting, and will eventually flow out into the local groups."

On June 7, 2017, Walker appealed against the decision, but to no avail. He explained to the committee that he had not intended to draw the ire of anyone with his comments, but slammed the Scout Association as a whole for putting more emphasis on Islam and LGBT issues.

The Scout Association made headlines in December last year after its leaders were instructed to stop referring to children as "boys" and "girls" in order to avoid offending its transgender members. Instead, its official guidelines said leaders must use "gender-neutral" phrases when speaking to their troops, The Daily Mail reported.

Aside from that, the new guidelines acknowledged that children at least two years old can have gender dysphoria. The document said the organization had a "legal duty" to adjust its policies to make sure that transgenders can join the Scout Association.

Reacting to the new guidelines, Conservative MP Davies called the changes "madness." He said the new instructions were bound to cause a lot of confusion to all the members.