Christian films should be realistic about believers' flaws, says actor David Oyelowo

Christian films should present a realistic picture of believers' flaws and problems instead of showing them in a "goody two-shoes" light, claims Hollywood actor David Oyelowo.

Actor David Oyelowo arrives at the 73rd Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California January 10, 2016. | REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni

In an interview with Premier, ahead of the release of his new movie "A United Kingdom," David Oyelowo called for more "truthful" directors instead of "preachy" ones for Christian films. The actor, who is also a Christian, spoke out against directors who portray perfect believers in their film projects.

"If you're going to make Christian films which paint the world as a goody two-shoes place where perfect Christians help people who aren't so perfect come to the light, that's just not the world we live in," Oyelowo told Premier.

Oyelowo, who stars with Rosamund Pike in "United Kingdom," plays the role of Botswana's first president Seretse Khama who fell in love with and married a white British woman named Ruth Williams in 1948. For the actor, the interracial marriage echoes what he believes in and what God's love is all about.

"I think that God doesn't see colour," said Oyelowo. "This absolutely chimes with my faith, in that I think Seretse Khama and Ruth were motivated by love and that love has a power that cut through governments, cultures, all kinds of resistance that your average person probably wouldn't weather."

Although people expected him to clinch an Oscar for Best Actor for his role in the movie "Selma" last year, he wasn't nominated. Oyelowo then told Relevant Magazine that he is an example of how God uses "foolish things of this world to confound the wise." The Christian actor believes he was given the opportunities in Hollywood so that he can help raise the standards for faith-based movies and reach more faith-based audiences with his performances.

While Oyelowo acknowledged that there are some Hollywood faith-based films that only seek to draw in the Christian crowd, he also said there are other films that were made merely to preach to people. The unapologetic believer and actor someday wants to reach the point where Christians will begin producing really great faith-based films.

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