Christian governor-candidate sparks fury over ad highlighting GOP rival's pro-abortion and LGBT record

A Christian governor-candidate in Illinois has drawn flak from national media, leftists, and other Republicans for releasing an ad featuring the pro-abortion and pro-LGBT records of her GOP opponent ahead of the party's primary.

(REUTERS /Jim Young)Republican Governor Bruce Rauner campaigns in Arlington Heights, Illinois in this file photo dated October 28, 2014.

Jeanne Ives, a legislator from the 42nd district of Illinois, has released an ad featuring various people enumerating the milestones that Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner had helped achieve for abortion and the transgender cause. These so-called achievements included his support for transgender bathrooms and a law he signed last year which expanded taxpayer funding for abortion, Life Site News detailed.

In the controversial ad, one man sporting a dress and makeup "thanked" Rauner for approving the law which allowed him to use the women's bathroom. A woman also expressed gratitude to the Republican governor for forcing all families in the state to pay for her abortions.

Ives' ad has been described as "racist," "repulsive," and "transphobic." Slate magazine called it "bigoted" and said it made fun of transgender women.

However, Ives maintained that her ad conveyed the exact message of Rauner's policies. She has also not yielded to calls to take down the ad and instead was able to gather $2 million in donations to continue running it.

Meanwhile, a spokesman from Rauner's campaign slammed the ad as an attack against Illinois residents "based on their race, gender or humanity." The statement added that it had no place in the state.

On Feb. 6, Rauner retaliated with a commercial targeting Ives and accusing her of taking "thousands from a shady labor union" linked with House Speaker Mike Madigan. It also said she had voted against a measure to increase property tax exemption, the Patch reported.

In response to the latest ad, Ives' campaign said in a news release that she had prevented Madigan from skipping three years of pension payments. The statement also slammed Rauner as an "unrepentant liar" and America's most ineffective politician.