Christian mother wants Tennessee school to remove history textbook over Islamic propaganda promotion

A Christian mother from Sullivan County, Tennessee wants a social studies textbook removed from her child's school district, alleging that it promotes Islamic propaganda.

A Russian-speaking student reads from a textbook during a Russian literature lesson in a school in Riga, February 15, 2012. | Reuters/Ints Kalnins

Sullivan County Parents Against Islamic Indoctrination (SCPAII) founding member Michelle Edmisten said the Pearson textbook "My World History" contains an inaccurate and indoctrinating depiction of Islam. The Christian mother has already filed a formal request to the school district to have the book removed, the National Coalition Against Censorship details.

Before she filed the petition, Edmisten had already presented her concerns to the school board twice. The first time was last month, during which she spoke during public comment about the way Islam is taught in schools and asking the board to implement changes immediately, WHJL reports.

Edmisten said her daughter had just finished their lesson on Islam, and she felt that some of the assignments clashed with her Christian beliefs. One question asked the students to "Name the Islamic Holy Book," while another required art projects that contain information on the Five Pillars of Islam.

The child had reportedly refused to finish some of the assignments on the topic, and she failed in the assignments as a consequence

"I would like to see the Pearson book yanked from the school immediately. I would like to see parents, Christians, veterans, anyone that's anyone, stand up for this fight," Edmisten told the school board last month. "How can I, as a Christian, say that I have these values? And I want to instill these values in my daughter, but then say it's okay go ahead and do it."

Although the members of the Board of Education listened to Edmisten's concerns, they told the Christian mother that a process has to be undergone for the removal and replacement of a textbook. Nevertheless, the board's chair Michael Hughes said the state is now reviewing the manner in which Social Studies is being taught in schools.

The board's vice president Susan Lodal, on the other hand, said they are not just teaching Islam to the students. She said Islam is still part of history.

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