Christian pro-life group ejected from gay-owned coffee shop in Seattle

The gay owner of a coffee shop in Seattle berated members of a Christian pro-life group and booted them out of the establishment on Oct. 1, and a video of the encounter has since gone viral after being posted on Facebook.

(REUTERS / Stephen Lam)An anti-abortion sign is seen as demonstrators march on Market Street during the Ninth Annual Walk for Life West Coast rally in San Francisco, California, January 26, 2013.

Caleb Head, Caytie Davis, and other members of Abolish Human Abortion entered the Bedlam coffee shop in Seattle after giving out pro-life pamphlets in the area. When they were identified as pro-lifers, owner Ben Borgman told them to leave and engaged in a heated conversation with them, The Washington Times detailed.

Davis said they were not distributing anything inside the shop, but the barista told the owner about their presence, and the latter suddenly came and demanded that they leave. She added that Borgman showed them a pro-life pamphlet he found outside and asked if it was the one they were handing out around the area, The Liberator reported.

The pamphlet in question showed a photo of an aborted child. It also featured a rainbow and an explanation of the Biblical origin of the figure, something that Borgman said offended him.

"I'm gay. You have to leave," said Borgman in the video uploaded on Facebook.

In addition, Borgman told Davis that he was denying service to the pro-lifers. The conversation took a more heated tone when the owner asked activist Jonathan Sutherland if he would tolerate a sex act between him and his boyfriend.

"Are you going to tolerate it? Answer my f****** question! No, you're going to sit right here and f****** watch it!" Borgman demanded of Sutherland. "... Well then I don't have to f****** tolerate this! Leave! All of you. Tell all your f****** friends, don't f****** come here."

On Oct. 2 and 4, Bedlam coffee shop released a statement that asked the public not to take Borgman's comments out of context and to consider the other side of the situation. The shop said the comment was delivered in a way that was meant to intentionally "shock and repulse" the listeners. Borgman also alleged that graphic anti-abortion materials were hidden inside his shop, but one of the pro-lifers denied that it belonged to them.