Christian students booted from schools in Egypt for refusing to wear hijab

Christian and other non-Muslim students are reportedly being kicked out of their schools in Egypt for refusing to wear a hijab and reciting the Quran.

(Reuters/Asmaa Wagui)Students take an exam in one of the Al-Azhar institutes in Cairo, Egypt, May 20, 2015.

Schools in Egypt are making all girls wear the Muslim headscarf, and those who refuse to do so are being kicked out. They are also punishing the students who cannot recite the Quran, the Express details.

Rahman Salem, 12, is one of the children who was told to leave her lesson and was banned from school activities. She was ordered to stand alone in the school courtyard, where the headmistress later approached her to say she has to wear the headscarf when in school and can only do as she wishes when she steps out of the premises.

In the al-Nassiriya School in the province of Sharqia, the headteacher put up an announcement saying Islam dress is already part of the female students' uniform.

Before, Christian students in the country transferred to another classroom for their religious studies to learn about Christianity while the Muslims stay to learn about Islam. Now, they are being made to stay in the same room and those who are unable to quote from the Quran by heart receive a beating.

Meanwhile, a primary school teacher outside the city of Minya in northern Egypt is trying to unite both Christian and Muslim students by teaching them about the Bible and the Quran. For Ayaad, a Coptic Christian, he wants to bring unity among the residents at a time when sectarian violence is on the rise, The Independent reports.

"Sectarian tension is an evil thing that's popped up," Ayaad told BBC Arabic. "We never used to label each other Muslim or Christian. We are all one and there is no difference."

Ayaad's school and the parents of his students support his unique way of teaching. He said he has more than 120 children in his class, and 70 to 80 are Muslims while the rest are Christians. So far, they have been living in the region with love.