Christians in Scotland call for freedom for Pakistan's blasphemy law victim Asia Bibi

Angry Christian protesters gathered outside the Pakistani Consulate in Glasgow, Scotland to call for freedom for prominent blasphemy law victim Asia Bibi, a Christian mother who has been imprisoned for more than seven years now.

(REUTERS / Asad Karim)A rare photo of Asia Bibi, sitting next to the then governor of Punjab Province Salman Taseer, who visited her in jail on November 20, 2010.

In a recent press release, the British Pakistani Christian Association revealed that dozens of believers braved the winter and converged in Glasgow to call for Bibi's freedom. The Christians believe that the Pakistani mother of five is innocent of the blasphemy charges against her.

"Asia Bibi is innocent. Her incarceration for seven years is a human rights abuse that must be rectified. She has neither committed a blasphemy or any over crime that deserves the punishment she has received," said Glasgow pastor Fredrick Dacosta. "The real criminals always get away - this is a deplorable reality in Pakistan."

Pastor George Gill also spoke up and lamented the lack of justice in Pakistan despite their repeated protests. He also said the Pakistani Christians "bleed" and yet the western people do nothing to help them. He then called on believers to double their efforts in making their voices heard, saying God will one day avenge his people.

Prior to the BPCA-led protest, the First Minister at the Pakistan High Commission assured people that Bibi's case will be heard at the Supreme Court before the end of March. However, the Christian mother has to stay behind bars while waiting for the hearing of her appeal case, Christians In Pakistan reports.

In the group's press release, BPCA chairman Wilson Chowdhry expressed concern for Bibi's condition in jail, saying the blasphemy law victim is "close to insanity." He said Bibi has not been allowed any human contact and has seen time and again how the country's legal system has repeatedly crushed her hopes for freedom.

Whatever Bibi's fate may be, Chowdhry said her story serves as a testament to all Christians. She has shown that one can find inner peace in God despite her painful experiences in life.