Christians' inconsistencies drive people away from God, says Pope Francis

Christians' inconsistencies can be used by the devil as a weapon to push people away from God, so believers ought to live out their lives in a way that they will set an example for others, according to Pope Francis.

(REUTERS / Tony Gentile)Pope Francis talks during a special audience with nuns of Rome's diocese in Paul VI hall at the Vatican May 16, 2015.

Speaking to the faithful during his homily at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis talked about the effect it would have on other people if Christians lived hypocritical lives. The pontiff said such behavior could be a tool for the devil to weaken believers and could also bring people further away from the Lord, Rome Reports relayed.

Pope Francis also warned Christians that this hypocritical behavior could be very harmful. He said the people hurt by this behavior may be scarred for life, and the act can also kill hope, dreams, and families.

In addition, Pope Francis reminded the faithful that they cannot serve two masters at the same time, which means they cannot be a servant to "both God and money."

The pontiff said: "Jesus tells us that we cannot serve two masters: both God and money – and when the pastor is one who is attached to money, he scandalizes."

Moreover, the Pope said the love of money will drive a leader to become a vain and proud person who "lords it over everyone." Instead of becoming attached to money, a shepherd must remain humble, gentle, and meek so that he can function as a servant of God and His people.

During his Angelus address on Nov. 12, Pope Francis urged Christians to practice charity and kindness to make their faith shine forever. As he discussed "The Parable of the 10 Virgins" from the book of Matthew, he said believers must always be prepared and not wait for the last minute before they start seeking God's grace, Catholic News Service reported.

In the story, the lamps of the 10 virgins stood for faith, and the oil is the charity that makes the light shine. In line with this story, Pope Francis said Christians should live wise and prudent lives and always be ready for God's return by making sure that their lamps will not run out of oil.