Christians ought to be bearers of hope to others, says Pope Francis

Christians ought to be welcoming and loving to other people as they are tasked to be bearers of hope, Pope Francis reminded the faithful during his general audience at St. Peter's Square at the Vatican on Oct. 4.

(REUTERS / Stefano Rellandini)Pope Francis waves as he arrives to lead the Regina Coeli prayer in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican, May 14, 2017.

As the month of October is typically allocated to mission, Pope Francis discussed the calling of Christians to bring the hope of Jesus' resurrection to other people. He highlighted the need to have "missionaries of hope" and not prophets of misfortune, Catholic Online relayed.

Pope Francis said a Christian's task includes announcing Jesus' death and resurrection, which brings transformation to people's lives. He noted that the situation appeared bleak after His death, but the disciples found encouragement when He rose from the dead.

Therefore, Christians are called to spread the news of Jesus' death and resurrection because this brings hope to those who "seem lost forever." Pope Francis added that true Christians are "not sad and angry, but convinced by the strength of the resurrection, that no evil is infinite, no night without end, no man is definitively in wrong, no hate is invincible from love."

Lastly, Pope Francis said Christians continue to find hope in the resurrected Jesus Christ. The pontiff explained that those who have Jesus in their lives are able to fight back compared to others when they go through tough times.

Last month, Pope Francis talked about the enemies of hope that discourage Christians. He urged the faithful to use prayer as their weapon against these temptations, the Catholic News Agency reported.

The pontiff warned that the "demon of noon," which tires Christians out with a busy life, lead to the thinking that nothing they strive hard for seems to bear fruit. He emphasized the importance of prayer in fighting this kind of temptation and pointed to an empty soul as the worst thing that could block hope. He also said that no one --- not even believers --- is exempted from this risk.