Christians ought to join church fellowships despite convenience of televised services, says Greg Laurie

Christians should take the time to join fellowships in person even though it is now easier for them to watch televised church services, according to California megachurch pastor Greg Laurie.

(REUTERS / Shannon Stapleton)A girl sits as services at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church are televised during Sunday morning services in Cleveland, Ohio U.S., October 30, 2016.

In a sermon on Feb. 11, Harvest Christian Fellowship senior pastor Greg Laurie explained the reasons why God created man and why the Church exists. He said humans were made to exalt God, edify the saints, and spread the Gospel throughout the world, The Christian Post detailed.

Pastor Laurie acknowledged that there were Christians who liked to attend church services online or merely listened to sermons on podcasts. There were also those who cannot physically get to the church to participate in the fellowship, but he said there were special things that happened when believers come together to study God's word.

"When we get together and we talk about the Lord, the Lord sort of bends down and eavesdrops on our conversation," Laurie explained. "He loves to hear us talk about Him. When you're walking with God, you want to be with God's people. Let me turn that around: When you're not walking with God as you ought to, you probably don't want to be with God's people as much."

In addition, Laurie said a strong bond with God will be reflected in one's strong relationship with his fellows. Once a person drifts away from his fellowship with the Lord, he will also find himself drifting away from his co-believers.

Lastly, Laurie said televised and online church services should not replace a Christian's personal presence in the fellowship. Instead, these technological tools should enhance a person's relationship with God and fellow believers.

Last year, renowned evangelist Rev. Billy Graham addressed the same issue in a column on his ministry's website. While he was thankful for the convenience that technology presents for people like him who were already old or are suffering from health problems, he said Christians will miss the opportunity to become part of the congregation if they stick to online or televised church services only.

Quoting Hebrews 10:24-25, Rev. Graham said the Bible teaches believers to help each other grow and to not give up in "meeting together." Doing this will also give Christians the chance to serve Jesus Christ together with other believers.