Christians smuggle Bibles for persecuted believers in North Africa

Christian volunteers for a United Kingdom-based persecution charity have successfully smuggled Bibles and training materials for pastors and persecuted believers in North Africa.

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Persecution charity Open Doors says a continuous prayer meeting has been going on since 2003 in the North African country, which has been kept under wraps for security reasons. The local Christians say the successful smuggling of the Bibles and Christian materials was a miraculous result of the constant prayers, Christian Today relays.

A UK-based volunteer, who is only known as Holly, said she and her group brought 30 to 40 Bibles and training materials for pastors and church leaders in North Africa. In the country they visited, Christian literature is outlawed, but the need for Bibles has increased due to the growth of the church there, Open Doors UK explains.

Holly recalled how nervous she felt when her suitcases passed through airport security in North Africa. She was amazed at what happened after her arrival.

"When we saw some of the suitcases going through, all the suitcases were being checked, all of them, except ours!" said Holly. "Maybe God did what he did with Brother Andrew and 'blinded their eyes' to it. It was amazing that we were the only ones who didn't get searched."

Locals who are caught smuggling Bibles and Christian literature in that country are usually jailed for two or three years. Foreigners, on the other hand, would only get the materials confiscated.

God's protection also extended to the locals who met Holly and had to deliver the books to the churches. The two men were able to safely pass through all 20 checkpoints along the way by keeping the Bibles on the car's back seat to avoid detection.

Open Doors has been smuggling Bibles and Christian literature into countries where Christians are persecuted for more than 60 years now. The group's founder, Brother Andrew, used to sneak Bibles into communist countries during the Cold War.

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