Christians urged to share Gospel to unbelievers to make Christmas meaningful

Christians can help unbelievers' Christmas celebrations become meaningful by sharing with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and conveying to them the message of his death and resurrection, aside from simply having fun and attending church events.

(REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson)Christmas lights are seen on a home in the Sleepy Hollow neighborhood of Torrance, California, United States, December 15, 2015.

In an article published on Dec. 2, Christian Today emphasized the importance of sharing God's love for humankind and letting people know that Christ was sent to pay for their sins. Although many churches acknowledged that Christ was the reason for Christmas, Romans 10:14 reminds believers that people will not know about it unless the Christians tell them.

During the Christmas season, Christians are urged not to be too busy preparing for their own celebrations, wrapping presents, decorating, and even attending church events. Despite the holiday rush, they must remember what is written in Matthew 28:19-20, which says believers have been commissioned to "make disciples of all the nations" and to teach people about God's commands.

Christians can start by reaching out to their unsaved family members, share with them the message of God's love and gift of redemption through Christ, and invite them to their church's Christmas activities. They can also relay the same message to their friends who are still unsaved, as well as other members of their community.

Last month, The Christian Post also reminded believers not to get caught up in the shopping rush of the holidays and to remember to acknowledge Christ in their holiday celebrations. Christians were also urged to "resist the secularity" that this season brings by honoring and worshipping Christ each day.

The present culture generally celebrates Christmas but ignores Christ, and it is the task of the Christians to continue the work of the Lord by keeping him at the center of all celebrations. 1 Corinthians 12:27 said believers were the body of Christ, and they were now being faced with the call of being Jesus' hands in today's generation by carrying his ministry to unbelievers, especially during this season.