Controversial South African pastor lets congregants eat flowers for deliverance

A controversial pastor in South Africa has once again stirred the internet after he reportedly asked his congregants to eat flowers as part of the process of healing and deliverance.

(REUTERS / Neil Hall)A display by the National Chrysanthemum Society is seen at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London, Britain, May 23, 2017.

Based on photos which trended on Facebook, Rabboni Centre Ministries pastor Lesego Daniel asked his congregants to eat the flowers displayed on the church's podium. The Pretoria minister said doing so would aid in their healing process, the Daily Post Nigeria relayed.

In 2014, Pastor Daniel made headlines for letting his church members eat grass after they were baptized. He also made them drink petrol, comparing the act to taking the Holy Communion.

According to Pastor Daniel, a person who has strong faith can survive on any food that they choose to eat. He said making his congregants eat grass and drink petrol only proved his point, the Daily Mail reported.

Prior to the petrol act, Pastor Daniel poured a certain amount of the liquid into a bucket and lit it up with a match to prove that it was petrol. He then told the congregation that the liquid had miraculously turned into pineapple juice.

"I want to prove to you, with the flames that will burn here, that it shows what can be achieved if you have faith," Pastor Daniel told his church members. "What you see, you have to believe it."

The controversial pastor first drank some of the liquid before telling the people to line up and do the same.

One woman testified that she stopped contracting sore throat after she ate grass. Another congregant who had a stroke claimed that she was healed after what she did. Rosemary Phetha told local media that she was proud that they ate grass, saying it showed that they can do anything through God's power.

However, general practitioner Dr. Arun Ghosh told the Daily Mail that drinking petrol was dangerous. He warned that it could result in gastric erosion and other serious stomach problems.