DC Comics establishes Superman's belief in God in latest issue

Does Superman believe in God? Writers of the story of the fictional comic character, who is also regarded as a Messiah in pop culture, addressed the issue in its latest comic release.

Actor Henry Cavill plays Superman on the big screen and in "Man of Steel," his character visited a church and a priest for guidance. | REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

The comic book "Superman #41," which James Robinson wrote and which landed in stores late February, featured the superhero discussing his belief in God with his son, Jonathan (Jon). In the middle of Earth's impending destruction similar to Krypton, the boy asked his father a direct question that many fans might have been wondering about for decades -- does Superman believe in God?

"Honestly, Jon, I've seen too much not to believe in 'something,'" Superman told his son. "But this is the important part...'something' isn't everything."

The conversation implied that Superman, who has battled with and against many gods and unexplained beings himself across different universes, thinks that there is still something behind all these, despite his experiences. The reply hints of his faith.

This story, however, was not the first instance that Superman's faith was addressed in the comic series. It has been suggested in other issues, as well in the movie iterations, that Superman accepts all beliefs and religious inclinations.

Superman's human alter ego, Clark Kent, grew up in a Methodist household in Smallville, Kansas, with his adoptive parents Martha and Jonathan Kent. In his younger years, he regularly attended church services with his mother, as established in an issue released in 2007. In his adult years, Clark decided to stop going to church because he was very much aware of the people's problems and their lies, though he did marry Lois Lane in a church ceremony.

In the movie "Man of Steel" (2013), Superman, as Clark, was shown entering a church during one of his most trying times, after the death of his father and while struggling with his real purpose. He also sought advice and enlightenment from a priest.

The conversation in "Superman #41," however, was the first time that Superman directly addressed if he believes in God. 

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