DNA of ancient Egyptian mummies traced back to Biblical character Ham?

Scientists from Germany have analyzed and decoded DNA taken from ancient Egyptian mummies for the first time, and their findings seem to confirm a theory that the roots of the First Egyptian Dynasty are traced back to the Biblical character Ham, the son of Noah.

(REUTERS / Mohamed Abd El Ghany)A number of mummies are seen inside the newly discovered burial site in Minya, Egypt May 13, 2017.

In a study published on Nature Communications, scientists from Germany's University of Tuebingen and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena managed to decode for the first time the DNA of Egyptian mummies. While most Egyptians are more genetically linked with sub-Saharan populations, the researchers concluded that the ancient bodies they analyzed were very closely related with ancient non-African populations from the eastern Mediterranean Sea, CNN detailed.

"A lot of people has assumed foreign invaders ... brought a lot of genetic ancestry into the region," said Prof. Johannes Krause of the Max Planck Institute. "People expected that through time, Egypt would become more European, but we see the exact opposite."

However, the study noted that the genetic data was taken from just one site in Middle Egypt, thus it "may not be representative for all of ancient Egypt." Nevertheless, Krauss expects more Egyptian mummy genomes to be analyzed in the next few years, so there is plenty of room for more findings.

In a commentary published on June 22, Breaking Israel News said scientists have long been puzzled by the origins of Egyptians because there was no available empirical evidence to be used as basis until now. According to the Bible, Egypt's forefather was Mizrayim, one of the sons of Ham, while most researchers thought that the Egyptian people originated from northern Africa.

The recent discovery of the scientists reportedly supports the Biblical account of Mizrayim settling in Egypt and Cush settling in Africa. The scientific theory on the issue suggested that Africa and Egypt have the same origin, but Genesis 10:5-6 implied that there were two separate nations.

Moreover, the latest findings align with archaeologist David Rohl's Dynastic Race Theory, which said ancient Egyptians came from Mesopotamia, ruled over the Nile Valley, and built their first dynasties. His theory was also based on the Bible's story about Ham's journey from Mesopotamia to Egypt after the great flood.