'Doctor Strange' spoilers: Will Thor and Mordo appear in the almost 2-hour movie?; Marvel boss talks about Strange's amulet

"Doctor Strange" poster | Facebook/DoctorStrangeOfficial

Additional major spoilers are now circulating the web prior to the release of the upcoming movie "Doctor Strange," which reveal several minute details of the plot.

Fans will now get a clearer understanding of the powerful amulet of Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). According to Marvel president Kevin Feige, the amulet, "Eye of Agamotto" possesses the ability to "screw around" with time, linking to the existence of the Time Stone in the film, Entertainment Weekly reported.

The "Eye of Agamotto" carries an object that suspiciously appears like an Infinity Stone, the small pale green stone that is noticeable when the amulet is opened.

In the same interview, costume supervisor Daniel Grace explained that "there's no particular plot point" behind Strange's seven belts. The doctor wears seven belts simply "because it looks nice," says Grace.

Furthermore, costume designer Alexandra Byrne detailed that the denim coat and pants of Doctor Strange got its inspiration from the Chinese jacket from East Asia.

The post-credits and mid-credits scenes have allegedly leaked confirming the appearance of Thunder God Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) in the movie. The mid-credits scene reveals Dr. Stephen Strange inviting Thor to his Sanctum Sanctorum to talk about his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

The post-credits scene, on the other hand, shows Mordo declaring, "There are too many sorcerers," which suggests his character will be the villain in the upcoming movie, International Business Times has cited.

Meanwhile, the British Board of Film Classification has revealed that "Doctor Strange" will air for one hour, 54 minutes and 49 seconds, Yibada wrote. This runtime marks the upcoming movie to be the second shortest film ever made by Marvel, following closely the other Marvel movie "Thor: The Dark World."

"Doctor Strange" is scheduled to premiere on Oct. 25 in the U.K. and on Nov. 5 in the U.S.

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