Egyptian TV host suspended over inappropriate comments on al-Rawda mosque attack

An Egyptian TV host has been suspended and subjected to an internal investigation for allegedly making inappropriate comments on air about the terrorist attack on the al-Rawda mosque on Nov. 24.

(REUTERS / Mohamed Soliman)Damaged vehicles are seen after a bomb exploded at Al Rawdah mosque in Bir Al-Abed, Egypt November 25, 2017.

During her show on the Sada al-Balad TV channel on Friday, TV host Rasha Magdi mentioned that terror attacks which targeted Christians were easier to understand than those that hit Muslims. She also said attacks against authorities were "mutual violence," Al Bawaba relayed.

"We saw attacks by terrorists on the police and army, and we said this is mutual violence," said Magdi. "These extremist groups have attacked churches and we said that they think it is a [different] religion, not Islam, and it is hostile to them, and then we said it is okay, but how [can these groups attack] Muslims?"

Magdi was talking about the yet unidentified group that attacked the al-Rawda mosque in North Sinai on Friday and waved an Islamic State flag while firing into the building. The attack left more than 300 worshippers dead, Reuters reported.

While no group has claimed responsibility for the mosque attack, the report noted that authorities were fighting an ISIS affiliate in the area. The deadly incident led Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to implement stricter security measures around houses of worship and other important establishments. A three-day mourning period was also declared. 

Meanwhile, Sada al-Balad Media Group owner Mohamed Abu al-Enein placed Magdi on suspension over her comments on the attack. On Nov. 25, he issued a statement that expressed support for Egypt's police and army forces that were fighting against terrorists, at the same time rejecting all forms of terrorism.

In addition, al-Enein declared that there was no difference between Muslims and Christians and said that they were equal. He noted that any acts of terrorism against the people are considered criminal acts.