Emoji Bible translation to launch to help spread gospel to modern Christians

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An emoji Bible is about to be launched on May 29 by a mysterious person whose real identity is hidden behind an emoji wearing sunglasses.

In a move that aims to keep up with the current trend of technology, a mysterious person has come up with an emoji translation of the Bible. Instead of the usual Oxford English or other standard languages, people can soon read the Bible in picture symbols, according to The Memo.

In an interview with the publication, the creator of the Bible with emojis said the project is all about accessibility. Emojis allow people to convey their feelings more accurately using pictures incorporated into the usual language.

"Emojis are emotional, and allow people to express feelings in a visual way within the structure of "normal," written language," the creator of the emoji Bible told The Memo. "What's made them so successful, is that they're language-agnostic — they allow you to convey an idea to anyone, regardless of what language they speak."

The emoji Bible was put together by first launching the emoji translator and tracing the words in the King James Version Bible that could be replaced with an emoji. Then, a translator program with more than 80 icons corresponding with 200 words was also created. Common shorthand symbols were also added to the program.

While some people had unpleasant reactions to the emoji Bible, Scripture Union's Digital Content Manager Caleb Woodbridge thinks it is a fantastic idea. He says it is an exciting way to convey the gospel to the new generation, Premier relays.

The project creator hopes that the use of emoji will help the Bible reach a lot more people. He also hopes the Bible with emojis will climb to the top 5 or 10 books in the iBooks store. He is also planning to create more books using the emoji program in the future.

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