Ex-nightclub owner becomes head of a church in Scotland

Mike Weaver used to see to it that patrons got their drinks and had a great time at his nightclub in London. But now, the former nightclub owner is leading a community as he has become an ordained minister in Scotland.

(Wikimedia Commons/ Rosendahl)A former nightclub owner has become an ordained minister and heads a church in Scotland.

The reverend, who once co-owned Los Locos at the Covent Garden shopping center, finally found his true calling after resisting for many years. He also became a hotel manager and worked at a courier company before giving in to the call to serve the church.

In 2000, Weaver became a Christian following a series of events including his marriage to wife Emma with whom he has two children. It was not until 2012, however, that he seriously studied to become a minister at New College in Edinburgh.

Weaver graduated in 2015 and served at Abbey Church, Belhaven Church, and St John's and King's Park Church. He recently became an ordained minister for the Gillespie Memorial Church in Dunfermline, where he was tasked to take charge of a congregation for the first time.

"The late nights, the drunks and all that goes with it made me realize that the industry was not one I felt comfortable working in so I left," the reverend said. "God had been working in my life since an Alpha course in 2000, after which I slowly sensed a calling into ministry."

Weaver, who grew up in the Methodist Church in Shropshire while spending his younger years in Australia and France, revealed that family and friends were surprised with his decision to become a minister. Nevertheless, they supported him and witnessed his ordination last October.

The former businessman believes that his background in running a bar will help strengthen the leadership and ministry of his congregation.

Thomas Gillespie founded the Gillespie Memorial Church in 1752 but the Scotland site was not built until the mid-1800s. In 2014 and after various additions and renovations, the site was refurbished and repaired to follow proper standards.