Former 'The View' host Elisabeth Hasselbeck shares her 'Godversation' with Joy Behar

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is weighing in on the latest controversy involving her former co-worker on "The View." The TV personality shared that she had a "Godversation" with her friend Joy Behar, who recently received backlash for her comments about Vice President Mike Pence's relationship with God.

(Facebook/TheView)Joy Behar of "The View" received some heavy criticisms for mocking VP Mike Pence about his religion.

Hasselbeck shared on Instagram that she had given Behar a call after the public slammed the outspoken TV host. She revealed that laughter had filled her Godversation with Behar and that there were neither judgments nor condemnations between the former co-workers who used to sit next to each other for 10 years on TV.

"She heard why I 'hear God' in prayer, in quiet time, through a friend's discernment, through the power of the Holy Spirit in the nudges that I feel each day, in the longings of my heart, in the questions in my heart," the retired TV host said. "I heard her questions. And I want to hear her doubts."

In early February, Behar mocked Pence for saying that he talks to Jesus. The host alluded that the politician from Indiana might have a mental illness.

Reports revealed that ABC had received over 30,000 calls complaining about Behar's "anti-Christian" statement. The vice president has also responded to the controversy by asking why ABC has kept the daytime talk show on air. Pence believes that religious intolerance expressed by the hosts of "The View" has no place on the network.

As a conservative, Hasselbeck said she had debated on a lot of issues with the liberal Behar on "The View." She relayed that she was praying for more Godversations with her friend.

The former host was raised as a Roman Catholic who went to an all-girls Catholic school and a Jesuit college. While still working on "The View," however, Hasselbeck revealed she now considers herself a Christian.

Hasselbeck, who retired from television in 2015, is married to ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck. They have three children together.