Franklin Graham calls on Christians to guard against Ontario's anti-parent LGBT law

Renowned evangelist Franklin Graham has called on Christians in the United States to be "on guard" after Ontario, Canada, passed a law that could allow authorities to take away children if parents go against LGBT interests.

(REUTERS / Chris Keane)Franklin Graham speaks during the funeral for Ruth Bell Graham in Anderson Auditorium on the campus of the Montreat Conference Center in North Carolina June 16, 2007.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Rev. Graham described the law as "totalitarian and oppressive." He said Ontario's new LGBT law opposed not only science, but also the Bible and common sense, Christian Broadcasting Network relayed.

"Can you imagine having the government take your child away from you if the children decided they felt like switching their gender identity and you disagreed?" Graham asked on Facebook.

In addition, Southern Baptist spokesman Dr. Russell Moore told CBN News that the law should concern not just Christians, but also people from other faiths. He suggested that Canada has stepped beyond its boundaries by coercing parents into teaching children "moral formation of principles."

Other pro-family advocates share Graham and Moore's fears over the implementation of Bill 89. For them, the new law authorizes the state to get children from families that do not believe in the LGBT agenda and prohibit Christian couples who do not support it from becoming foster or adoptive parents, Life Site News reported.

The Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, or Bill 89, is a newer version of Ontario's old law on child protection, adoption, and foster care. It now includes sexual orientation, gender expression, and gender identity in the definition of a child's best interests.

Ontario usually take children away from situations and conditions where they are exposed to violence, neglect, or abuse. However, Bill 89 opponent Tanya Granic Allen said the province could also take away children if parents refuse to allow their kids to undergo surgery or hormone therapy if the young ones have concerns about their gender.

Granic Allen also expressed disappointment that not many ministers in Ontario came out to oppose Bill 89. Nevertheless, she rejoiced in the fact that there were 23 lawmakers who voted against it and thousands of parents who fought against the new legislation.