G20 summit: Christian Aid applauds decision to tackle climate change amid Trump's 'isolationist stance'

Christian Aid has applauded the decision of the G20 summit participants to tackle climate change and move towards a green economy despite U.S. President Donald Trump's attempt to bring down the movement.

(REUTERS / Carlos Barria)U.S. President Donald Trump arrives at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany July 7, 2017.

In a statement, Christian Aid's International Climate Lead, Mohamed Adow, expressed confidence that the world's biggest economies were finally on the verge of taking serious steps to address climate change after the G20 summit. He also said Trump's "isolationist stance" on the climate movement will do nothing to stop the implementation of the Paris Agreement, Relief Web relayed.

In addition, Adow said Trump's move has left him "marooned" while the rest of the world powers are taking action on climate change. He noted that a Climate and Energy Action Plan has now been constructed to pave the way for a journey to a green economy.

"We are pleased that the EU and China – two of the world's top three biggest economies – have demonstrated their commitment to steer the way towards a low-carbon economy," said Adow in his statement. "Their leadership – and that of Angela Merkel's – has strengthened the global resolve to make a big shift away from dirty energy. Now, perhaps we can finally shift gears from just defending the Paris Agreement, to enacting it and delivering at home."

Moreover, Adow pointed out that some of the poorest countries that were most vulnerable to the effects of climate change have already committed to fully rely on renewable energy by 2050. He called on the world to help Haiti, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and other similar nations in this regard and not to block their efforts.

Meanwhile, Trump has been thrown to the center of the spotlight after releasing a slideshow that contained the highlights of the G20 summit and featured the "Make America Great Again" soundtrack. After the end of the Hamburg trip on July 9, the American president shared the said video on Twitter, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Twitter users expressed mixed reviews regarding Trump's G20 slideshow. One user said the video effectively "silences haters," while another sarcastically commended the president for being successful in his photo ops during the summit. Yet another netizen slammed the video, especially the part which featured Russian leader Vladimir Putin.