'God had me' - 10-year-old boy talks gunman out of hostage plan


A young boy held hostage by an armed robber for 30 hours says he was able to stay calm through the ordeal because of his faith in God. 

In a tense standoff in Liberty Township, Ohio, ten year old Sincere Trammell was held hostage by the robber - a family friend - last Friday night.

According to Trammell, he and his mother were alone at home when a man, later identified  as 31-year-old Donald Gazaway, Jr., entered their home and demanded that they hand over $10,000.

Gazaway then chased Sincere Trammell into a room, apparently because he had thought that Sincere had a phone. Shortly after, the authorities arrived, including a SWAT team.

Donald Gazaway, Jr. was reportedly a long-time family acquaintance who Sincere had known since he was a little boy.

According to Trammell, Gazaway would even spend Thanksgiving, Christmas day and New Year with them. The suspect, according to his hostage, was armed with four guns and didn't want the boy to go anywhere because he didn't trust the boy.

Sincere's grandmother, Iris Trammell, was shocked that the same man they spent Christmas and Thanksgiving with took her grandson hostage. She believes that Gazaway may have been on drugs Friday night when the standoff began.

The standoff lasted a grueling 30 hours. When asked why he was calm during the hostage scenario, Trammell responded with "I knew that God had me."

The standoff ended when Sincere convinced Gazaway to lay down his weapon and surrender to the police.

"I said that jail would probably help you get better at life, and that would be a better option to do," he said.

"So I said it's better to have a punishment than kill yourself, and I'm saying that God basically will give you another chance to become a better person in life."

Gazaway is currently being held at Butler County Jail at $1 million bond.