'God Jesus Christ' mosaic to be made public for the first time

A rare and ancient mosaic that attested to Jesus Christ as God will be put on display for the public in Israel for the very first time. Called the "God Jesus Christ" mosaic, archaeologists unearthed the picture pattern in 2005.

(REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi)A mosaic discovered in Megiddo Prison in Israel proves that ancient Christians believe that Jesus Christ is God.

Experts believe that a woman named Akeptous had owned the mosaic that bore three Greek inscriptions, as well as drawings of a fish and a communion table on the floor. They date the ancient artwork to 230 AD, which was uncovered at the ruins of a site known as a Jewish Samaritan village.

The inscriptions read "The god-loving Akeptous has offered the table to God Jesus Christ as a memorial" when translated. Archaeologists said that the mosaic was set at a residential room that was at least 30 meters by 40 meters.

According to Dr. Yotam Tepper of the University of Haifa, Christianity had just started taking shape in 230 AD and cathedrals or basilicas had not been built yet during this time. Christian followers, however, spent their time in prayer and reflection inside houses with specific prayer halls. The mosaic might have been in a room that once served as a prayer hall.

The government of Israel will soon turn the Jewish site into a tourist attraction and part of an archaeological park, alongside displays of uncovered Roman encampments and seven flourmills that were built during the Ottoman Empire, according to reports. It has taken more than a decade for the government to declare the site because it also used to be a prison, which the British built in the 1940s for Israel.

Inmates of the Megiddo Prison were actually the first to discover the Jewish ruins before experts took over. The government is currently handling the clearing of the site and the evacuation of the prisoners, as the building no longer fits the standards.

There is still no set date for the opening of the archaeological park.